No Mortgage Crisis in the Uncanny Valley

11 08 2008

As a frequent longtime visitor to the Uncanny Valley, I have watched  as this surreal little neighborhood grew from a few sketchy transient squatters into a full-blown gentrified hotspot.  Since I first started visiting, the population has ballooned with an astounding diversity.  Each week it seems, a whole new species of anthropomorphic something-or-other starts establishing a presence in the local community.  The Uncanny Valley is starting to look a lot like San Francisco.  


Where else are you likely to find Japanese hostess socializing with video game canines, or take a walk in the woods with a big dog, or attend a lecture by  professor Hiroshi Ishiguru. And we can proudly boast of being Yul Brynner free since 1976.

Yes, life here in the Uncanny Valley is pretty sweet.  Does that mean we should be expecting a housing bubble?  So far, it seems like the opposite.  Prices are dropping and there’s plenty of room.  Mortgages are easy to get and interest rates at an all time low.  It’s no surprise that people do whatever they can do be here, even if they can only enter as day laborors.  But those hopeful types will have a chance soon enough to make the transition full time.  And I for one welcome them with open arms.




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