New York Times Magazine Explores Avatars

12 08 2008

Thanks to Suki for the heads up on this one.

The Sunday magazine of the paper of record has added it’s two cents to the growing awareness of VR and it’s inhabitants. The August 8th On Language column discusses the word “avatar” and it’s meaning in new media.  They note the word’s usage in the recent Tina Fey movie “Baby Mama” as well as it’s appearance in numerous science fiction novels, especially Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel “Snow Crash,” (a personal fav of MediaSapiens everywhere).  Naturally they get a few choice quotes from Second Life honcho Philip Rosedale as well.

They don’t shed any new light on the word, but they may have just introduced it to the widest readership ever.  Grok the story for yourself.




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