Wii Fit Workout: Week One Review

14 08 2008

This is the first weekly wrap-up review of my 4-week Wii Fit exercise challenge.  To see daily posts, click here.

Today marked day seven of my month long challenge.  Well, six if you don’t count the day I skipped.  I decided to take a follow up body test to compare to the one I took a week ago.  The test measures weight, BMI, balance and agility to determine your “Wii Fit Age”, a dubious measure of health to be sure, but a metric nonetheless.  Throughout all the games and workouts, the Wii Fit constantly gives feedback and scores each activity, providing a low-level awareness of overall progress.  One assumes that all of these stats get factored into the player’s progress, like leveling up in WoW.

The results of the original test were not great, not horrible.  It stated my weight at 188 lbs. with a BMI of a little more than 25.  It seemed to be impressed with my balance but still evaluated my Wii Fit age at 50.   This was depressing, but also gave me clear goals and incentives.  I told the game that I wanted to lose about 9 lbs. in the month, a challenging but reasonable goal.  To be fair to the Wii, I decided NOT to change my diet or anything else significant in my daily routine, so the results of the Wii can be more easily seen.  This plan kinda backfired as today’s body evaluation indicates.  According to the game, I GAINED 4 lbs. this week, and my BMI went up almost 2 points.  Yet my Wii Fit age dropped down to a nice healthy 36.  A bit confusing…

Before making any rash judgements about Wii Fit, or Mediasapien’s late night chocofix, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind.  One, my weight normally fluctuates about 5 or 6 lbs, from 185 to about 192 on a regular basis, so I am still within that range.  Two, a week is a bit short to see any real trends emerge.  Three, my cat will often put her paw on the balance board when I’m not looking just to screw with me.

So while I might dismiss the accuracy of the Wii Fit’s virtual evaluation, I can still attest to the stiff joints and sore muscles in the meat.  Each day the duration and intensity of the workout increased, adding new strength and yoga poses, as well as other fun activities.  Surprisingly, boxing was a blast.  It uses the same scheme as Wii Sports that ships with the console, but is structured more like a step class.  So today I fired up the Wii Sports for some “real” boxing. By the time I was done winning all three of the 3-round bouts (the final by a KO!) I was drenched in sweat with seriously burning shoulders and back


Wii Fit is exercise.  The sweat is real, the challenge is real, the calories burned are real.  If you are an athlete, or like a lot of physical activity all the time, Wii Fit may seem a bit soft for you – and it probably is.  It might still function as a fun game, but it’s probably not going to completely satisfy you.  But, if you are less inclined to exercise regularly, and are willing to grind for mana all day in WoW to begin with, then Wii Fit might just fill the gap between your love of games and your need for fitness.

One week down, three to go…




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17 08 2008
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