Fallout 3 Nuka Cola Quantum “In Case Of Emergency”

29 07 2009

Does this glowing bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum make me a uber-nerd? A Fallout 3 fanboy? Its not quite enough commitment for a Cosplayer? Otaku maybe?

I don’t care… All I know is I miss the Wasteland.  I’m impatiently waiting for Mothership Zeta, and I really wanted to have a bottle of Quantum around, you know, just in case…

In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

Can also be used as a night light

Can also be used as a night light




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3 08 2009
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25 07 2010

That’s pretty awesome! I’m making a quantum and it’s pretty cool. I ordered the bottles from Mexico so I had the right size, I filled the bottle with a mixture of gel and wax to give it that in-game look, I purchased hand made paper so the label looks worn and I’ve spent alot of time on the cap melting it and fitting it to the bottle so it appears to have gone through a blast. Btw where did you get the special book cover picture?

1 04 2011

Absolutly brilliant! I want to make one now! Just got to find a glass cola bottle as most of them are plastic now.

Again, really brilliant peice of work, and it’s not nerdy, it’s clever!

27 12 2011

HI… Can I buy this? raymondkm22@gmail.com.
or how to instructions cause it’s awesome!

5 03 2012
Amber Gray

I’m very interested in buying this, it would be the perfect gift. please contact me.

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