How to Buy Video Game art

2 08 2008

It can be hard for a collector to know “how” to buy a piece of new media art, and this is especially true when it comes to artworks made with video games.  

How are issues like maintenance, exhibition and copyright handled?  How about editions?  Is the work you’re buying going to be re-sold 1000 times, or appear on youtube?  

All of these questions need to be considered carefully, but where can you turn for advice?  Luckily MediaSapien has the answer.  I just wrote a short guide to collecting video and digital art for Stark Guide, a site dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and collectors.

The article is brief – more of a starting point than a definitive guide.  But for anyone interested in collecting new media art, its required reading.

The Stark Guide to Collecting Video and Digital Art