Transhuman Brain Transplant Performs Hamlet

5 08 2008


Uncle, From Sonys City of Lost Children

Uncle, From Sony's City of Lost Children

While presenting Sparky, my telepresence robot at the last Maker Faire, I met Chris Jeffries, who sent along this link.

It’s a fascinating recount of Daniel C. Dennett, the first person to successfully have his brain removed and live to tell about it. Since winning his freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Pentagon, he can now share his unique story of physical disembodiment with the world.

What is so interesting is that he is just the first of many people to experience dislocative reality.  As we gamers, researchers and transhumanists continue to jack in to our technology with increasingly more powerful sensors and inputs, we are taking baby steps towards a day when disembodied experiences are routine.  Surprisingly the philosophical questions raised are more interesting than the technicals one.  To start with, he names his body Hamlet, and his brain Yorick.

Read the whole story HERE.