Noor the Pacifist in WoW

3 08 2008

Thanks to Wow Insider for this story.

It seems not everyone in World of Warcraft is savage, in fact, one player has sworn off killing all together.  His name is Noor, a gnome rogue.  And he’s a WoW pacifist.

This is my kind of performance art.  Noor is attempting to achieve the highest levels in the game without killing anything, not even NPC’s.  He has been playing as this character for quite a while and has managed to reach past level 60 – almost to his final goal of 70.  This is a demanding challenge for any player, but a near Herculean task when considering his self-imposed ban on killing.   He manages to contribute in non-lethal ways by performing escort missions, healing other players, and working in groups which allow him to gain the needed XP without killing.  He admits to making a few compromises to pull his weight in some of the more advanced battles, such as throwing stun bombs and whacking opponents with a fishing rod.  He has accidentally killed one or two times, but in a game like WoW, that’s the equivalent of “not inhaling”.

The character is named for RL spy Noor Inayat Khan, a member of the WWII French resistance, who was executed by the Nazis.  

You can read the whole interview with Noor here.  Noor’s blog can be found here.